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  • ISTA SSSEX - Level 1 - Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience
    Mon, Apr 05
    Historic COD Ranch
    Apr 05, 5:00 PM MST – Apr 11, 1:00 PM MST
    Historic COD Ranch, 37 South COD Ranch RD, Oracle, AZ 85623
    Are You Ready to Transform Your Life? This Experiential 7-Day Event is for You. This life-changing transformational intensive focuses on allowing, through clear consciousness, the integration of all aspects of our Being; mind, body, sexuality, emotions, and spirit.
  • ISTA SSSEED - Level 3 - Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Seeding
    Sat, May 01
    COD Ranch
    May 01, 5:00 PM – May 08, 1:00 PM
    COD Ranch, 37 South COD Ranch RD, Oracle, AZ 85623
  • ISTA SSSIN - Level 2 - Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation
    Mon, May 10
    COD Ranch
    May 10, 5:00 PM – May 16, 1:00 PM
    COD Ranch, 37 South COD Ranch RD, Oracle, AZ 85623
    Level 2 (SSSIN) guides you through a series of self initiations that say goodbye to old patterns of relating and anchor the identity in the deep self that is already free, inherently loving and dynamically creative in the world.

Empower Yourself

Step into your Personal Power.  Live according to your own Truth.  Embrace ALL of who you are - your Mind, Body, Sexuality, Emotions, and Spirituality.  This is YOUR path.  I'm here to help you follow it and be your Best and Happiest Self.

Self Love, Emotional & Sexual Healing

Step Into Your Power

Heal old wounds and trauma.  Let go of fear, shame, and programming that doesn't serve you.  The Love, Lightness, and Self Confidence that come from doing this work is worth the effort.  

Contact me.  Together we'll design a process specifically tailored to your needs and desires.

Recovery from Religious Shame

Live Your Own Truth

I understand firsthand the power of religious programming.  I was born into the Mormon/LDS faith and raised my children in it.  I felt controlled as if I were in a Box.  I chose to step out of it.

You can get out of the Box.  Claim your sovereignty over your own mind, body, emotions, and sexuality.  Find and Live your own Truth.  

I'm here to support you.

Love, Sex & Relationship Coaching

Coaching + Practice

Most of us didn't get the manual that taught us how to relate intimately with others.  It's never too late to learn. Step into a more satisfying life of Pleasure and Happiness. I combine Coaching with Experiential exercises to create a powerful way of learning that will help you shift into your best ways of being.   

Contact me to explore what we can accomplish together.


About Rich

I’m Rich.  I’m dedicated to the work of Sexual Healing and Personal Empowerment, especially with people who come from a strict and limiting religious background (mine was Mormon).  I do this through Coaching, Organizing and Facilitating workshops and events, hands-on Practitioner work, and educating through media.   

I promote personal Freedom, Juiciness, Expansion, Love, Pleasure, Personal Power, Conscious Relating, Consent.  

Along with my own work, I’m also an Organizer and Apprentice Facilitator for the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experiences, Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator, High Priest, and Master Mason.  I’m a student of Tantra, the Quodoushka, and the Human Awareness Institute (HAI).

Within the word “Facilitator” is the Spanish word “Fácil” (meaning Easy).  My work is to make the path of healing and freedom easier to see and follow.   

Join me.


The way to make real change is to get out of the head and into the body.  We get the concepts by studying and talking about it.  The healing comes when we confront our fears with physical action.

-- Rich

  • Let's Chat and Discover what's on your mind and how I might help you.

  • Helping you achieve the Love, Sex, and Pleasurable life you deserve.

  • Helping you open your heart, feel in your body, and heal woundings.

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