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Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 6


Hello @ChristinaToo many question about Aika--my mind is full of "what ifs"! I haven't been this confused since I read plot-for-dummies theories about Black Rock Shooter! The producers (Ordet) should have just made an anime adaptation of Black Rock Shooter the Game (yes, there's a PSP game about BRS, and it was completely different in an interesting way). That's it, all they have to do is copy the game's simple plot and there you go! No confusion necessary! Aliens invade the Earth, and it's up to BRS and her friends to fight them off--what's so hard about understanding that story? But no, they have to create their own weird stories about crazy school girls acting melodramatic over everything, causing me to ask questions that hurt my brain. >:( I'm sorry. Rant over. Now, about Zetsuen.It would be interesting if the true villain of the series was Aika and her "death" was a necessity to save the world from herself. Aika must be a master chess player of nefarious reasons if she played the hearts of two guys for whatever purpose. Yoshino is more like a guile protagonist. He relies on intelligence (he was tutoring Aika on her homework after all) and manipulation to defeat his opponents while Mahiro is more the hot-headed direct confrontation type. So, yes, you are spot on about Yoshino's character about being shady. I think it was obvious that Mahiro knew Aika was dating Yoshino. All this subtle hostility toward Yoshino by Mahiro is probably foreshadowing of the battle between best friends. Speaking of battles, it is too early for the "final battle"--I agree with you on that. Seven episodes in this show, and we're about to conclude it against Samon. No, I refuse to believe the producers are going to end so soon unless the ratings for this show is dismal beyond belief and the producers ran out of money.I like Aika. The writers did a decent job of making her interesting by being mysterious and cunning. Plus, in my opinion, the school girl outfit fits her very well and makes her look cute! :DWell, that's my word on Zetsuen for today.

A really under-appreciated anime, as you noted, because many people get the wrong impression about how the plot is going to develop during the first episodes and decide to drop it. Thank God you didn't because I love reading your reviews, they were part of the anime experience for me. After being fed up with Okada's hand at Aquarion Evol I was skeptical with how she was going to handle this but the result exceeded my expectations.

And also thanks to Enzo for the constant blogging. After the first episode I was only mildly interested and forgot about it. It would have remained forgotten unless Enzo kept teasing and reminding me with his brilliant 1-sentences previews each week. I finally succumbed in february and marathoned 18 episodes. Totally worth it.

Also like From the New World it warped up the final battle at the start of the episodes and dedicated the rest of the time to the aftermath (instead of leaving only a 1 min for the aftermath and epilogue .. i'm looking at you Robotics;Note), here is how i thing this ending fits perfectly with this amazing show.

Oh well, those quibbles can be overlooked. I enjoyed the series overall. It's true the reason why this is so good can't be explained. It has this certain hook that you get over the episodes. I'll miss those ED songs. It's been awhile since I played ED songs on repeat.

Since I've commented on so many episodes of this I feel compelled to do so now as well, but I find I have very little to say. This was basically exactly the perfect ending I was hoping for. I have little to add, you already gave it all the praise I would have. This will end up being a classic for sure, long after most other shows of this era are forgotten. I've been watching anime for a little over 10 years now and I barely remember most of the shows I watched back then, only the cream of the crop stuck in my memory. In another 10, this will be one that sticks in my memory. 781b155


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